When you pay to work.

Since my job requires mostly physical strength, it is not a surprise that I will be experiencing body-aches more than headaches. Thus, after a year of  routine work, I thought to myself that the time to rest a bit and fake a backache is now. Especially due to the fact that the days I spend at home’sick’ are paid for, and it is easily attainable.

Now I do feel backaches all the time due to my tough routine -University, work, running, and sleep-. Yet it is not the kind of pain that requires me to rest at home.

I paid a visit to my family doctor, and told him straight ahead that I want an X-Ray for my back and an official paper stating that I cannot work due to back pain. The doctor flipped out. I think it was because people like me who come in with a self-diagnose are many. He even told me -in an angry manner-: “So you already diagnosed yourself?”. I can understand why he was mad, the guy spent more than 10 years studying medicine, only to end up taking orders from a patient like me. Anyhow, the doctor agreed to give me a 5 day paid ‘vacation’ official paper, and told me to go visit the radiography room in order to take an X-Ray image and make everything official and legit.

After bringing the X-Ray image to the doctor, I was shocked when I found out that I have severe cramps in my lower back, and a problem with my spine. As I understood, it is flatter than normal and it should be more curved from the bottom -above my ass-. He also enrolled me in a physical therapy sessions that will be starting soon.

So I ended up getting my paid sickness ‘vacation’, yet also finding out that my back is not in its best shape. Fuck, I don’t want to be a waiter anymore.



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