Different Layers may convey different messages…Assignment #2

Dealing with an audio file alone is tricky, no matter how creative or cunning a person might think himself to be, he could still be fooled. Thus, I conducted this experiment of recording a video, and then dividing it to three different media texts. The first is the audio file itself. The second is a picture taken from the video, the third is the video itself.

Here is the audio file:

When I projected this file in the class and provided people with the audio file to listen to, none of them had a clue what this could be, yet I realized that they had two options to think from, the first is someone doing his business in a bathroom, and the other was simply raindrops.

Secondly, there comes the screenshot from the video, which is slightly edited to appear to have black & white shadings. Now after seeing the picture, one could understand what that sound really was or at least perceive the audio file differently and be able to have less options to think from…


Finally, when provided with the video, the entire message starts to become more clear ( except for the logical part behind why is this cat drinking from the sink…)

BONUS: Here is a picture of the cat.



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