Data collection. The Quanitified/ Surveilled self(DML ASSIGNEMENT)

Data Diary, carry a diary and try to figure out what and who is collecting data about you. E.g: Who and what produced the data?

Where was, the data produced?

At al-Container checkpoint: Surveillance cameras produced the data

License plate identification, Facial recognition, and speed capturing. It was captured by advanced digital cameras.

The date is converted to sets numbers and pictures. Numbers include timing and speed. While pictures include snaps of faces.

It was compulsory, one has to pass through the checkpoint, no easy route to detour to.

It happened on a mixed zone, while the place might be public in general, the checkpoint is owned by the government.

The data was also collected by government.

The government owns the data.


Magnetic worker-card:

The card slides into the time keeper, and the time keeper produces and saves the data.

It was produced at the entrance of the hotel

It describes a unique worker# number.

It produces nothing.  But it stores data based on the time the worker checked in.

Compulsory if a person has a shift.

Private space owned by Dan’s corporation.

Private company collects the data.

The hotel management and the wages company owns those inputs and outputs.

Catagory: Marketing.

Applying for a visa:

My voice produced the data.

Location: U.S Embassy, Jerusalem

The voice wavelength was captured by a stealth microphones.

It produces a digital fingerprint of my voice.

It was compulsory.

Conducted on a private space owned by the U.S government

Collected by U.S Governement

THE U.S Government owns the data.

Catagory: Borders

Same deal for fingerprint but it was voluntarily(The user knew and was asked for permission) Taken.


My ID card with the micro-chip inside it:

It gets produced on possibly each checkpoint.

Inputs time, date and name of the micro-chip holder.

It produces an output somewhere in a server with name, data, and compares it with the people who passed with the same time or same names for many reasons.

All public space or governmental space.

Compulsory, one cannot avoid or retrain from giving the data due to the fact that the person might not know that data is being collected.

The data is collected by the governement.

The Israel government.

Catagory: Borders

various kind of cookies collected from every site on the internet:

Sites collect date, browsing history, name, age, gender etc. It all depends on the type of cookies that the site use.

It is produced by the user and his browsing habits.

its input could vary. From basic data such as time and location, to more specific data (E.G. Facebook).

The input is stored in a server and the output depends on the need of the website. It can use those cookies to target advertise or store them for future needs or despose.

It is collected on a virtual private & public space.

It is compulsory but people could limit it via different methods such as blockers or disagreeing on using the website.

The data is collected by both private and govermental companies. Governement can have access to private cookies owned by companies.

Catagory: Marketing/ Social Media








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