Data Collection, a follow up.

In this digital age, it became almost impossible to restrain from accessing the internet. Whereas on the other hand, it is also impossible to access the internet without having your device bugged. The purpose of this post is not to push you to live in a constant state of PARANOIA -even though it could be a justified paranoia- It is merely to show you the limitless capabilities of a government that is obsessed with massive data collection. Here is an interesting finding that I tackled while writing my final essay for my media class about Big Data collection and Privacy.


“As you can see, the tracking details are highly unusual. Instead of shipping the keyboard directly from the Amazon storage facility in Santa Ana, California, to Shepard in Seattle, the package was first dispatched to Dulles, Virginia. From Dulles, it moved another four times around the military and intelligence belt in suburban Washington DC, finally landing in Alexandria at 11:03 am on January 23.

Contrary to Amazon’s shipment tracking summary, Virginia is not the package’s final destination. Shepard does not live in Alexandria and told Amazon to ship the keyboard to a Seattle, Washington address. You can see this for yourself in the top right hand corner of the image.”

Original post: Here


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