Final DML project

As I’ve been writing an essay about BIG DATA and the privacy issue regarding that topic, I decided to make a presentation to share some personal experiences and relate it to the topic of the presentation, BIG DATA.

I believe that the more aware the users are, the less threatening Big Data becomes. Thus, I decided to present my case with concrete personal and general examples using as much gathered data as possible to illustrate how personal data could be complied with data from other users to generate BIG DATA.

I decided to take an approach to this topic by generate data from a normal running activity. After generating audio, video, hear-rate graph, calories, and many other data. I projected this data to the students and clarified that this is merely personal data, it becomes big data once it is combined with million others in order to find patterns. The company then decides whether to use this data to improve users’ performance or sell it and compromise their privacy.

This is the presentation:

PS: in case the video in the presentation does not play, here it is here:


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