A Dérive in Amman

I’ve been to Amman around 10 times already. Yet, I’ve never had any interesting encounters over there. I only saw malls, cafes, and traffic. Last visit was different though, I asked my friend who lives there to take me to down-town Amman, and I suggested that we start a Dérive. We agreed on two simple rules. … More A Dérive in Amman

Glitch Art

“Glitch art is the practice of using digital or analog errors for aesthetic purposes by either corrupting digital data or physically manipulating electronic devices.” After learning about glitch art in class, I have decided to create a Glitch Art work-  using an APP though- . Here are some of my tries: And here we see Ibrahim … More Glitch Art

Different Layers may convey different messages…Assignment #2

Dealing with an audio file alone is tricky, no matter how creative or cunning a person might think himself to be, he could still be fooled. Thus, I conducted this experiment of recording a video, and then dividing it to three different media texts. The first is the audio file itself. The second is a … More Different Layers may convey different messages…Assignment #2